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Welcome to the Kaufman Turkey Trot, where community, fun, and giving back come together! Join us in celebrating Thanksgiving by participating in our annual event that brings families, friends, and neighbors together for a morning of fitness and festivities. Whether you're a seasoned runner or a casual walker, our Turkey Trot offers something for everyone. As we lace up our sneakers and hit the streets, we also take the opportunity to give back to our community. Your participation helps support The Center’s Relief Fund. So, let's run, walk, and gobble our way to a memorable Thanksgiving tradition!

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  • Healthy Start to Thanksgiving:   Kick off your Thanksgiving in the healthiest way possible by joining us on Thanksgiving morning. It's the perfect way to energize yourself for the day's festivities and a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

  • Community and Family Bonding: The Kaufman Turkey Trot brings together families, friends, and neighbors like no other event. It's a unique opportunity to connect with your community, build new relationships, and create cherished memories.

  • Support The Center: By participating in the Kaufman Turkey Trot, you're directly contributing to the betterment of Kaufman. This event is all about giving back to The Center and helping those who need it most within our community.

  • Have Fun: Whether you're an experienced runner or simply enjoy a leisurely walk, the Kaufman Turkey Trot offers a chance to stay active and maintain your Kaufman fitness routine throughout the holiday season. Prioritize your Kaufman well-being and set personal goals within the familiar streets of Kaufman.

  • Have Fun and Embrace the Holiday Spirit: Get ready for a festive atmosphere like no other!  Whether you're an experienced runner or simply enjoy a leisurely walk, theTurkey Trot offers you a chance to start your Thanksgiving with fun and fitness!



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